I suppose running is in our family’s genes. My father went to college on a track scholarship. My mother raced him only once and beat him. My sister and I have always run; first just running around, as children do, and then more formally in high school sports. Now it’s become an important anchor in our lives, a way of getting out of the house, the office, the everyday; into the fresh air; into the body – letting it go and do what it knows so well. Running clears the head and can be almost meditative, I find.

I’ve started running again after a nearly four year, baby rearing hiatus. Now the logistics required for me to go on a run are much greater and the distances shorter, but luckily, it still feels the same. Wednesdays and Thursdays I get to run from crèche to work along the Yarra River that runs through Melbourne. It feels good to get out there again, fill my lungs with the morning air, and feel the blood rushing around my body. Leave everything behind for a moment… my favourite way to start a day.