It feels we’ve been through a bit of a sleepless marathon since having babies. Morgan took 16 months to sleep through. After that I thought I knew a thing or two about how to get kids to sleep. I had plans for our second child, who was going to be much more relaxed anyway, right?

Enter Vivien Rae.



Yes, even her entry into this world was dramatic and she hasn’t looked back. She is a firecracker of a kid. She loves music and dancing, rough housing, slap stick baby jokes and would never miss a good party.


She has a mind of her own and of course, her own ideas about how she would like to sleep. Preferably with Mama, sometimes on Mama. While I know these baby cuddles are precious and fleeting, sometimes I would just like a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep – on my own, thank you.

As we hit Vivien’s 16-month mark and an all time family low in the sleep department, we hired a sleep consultant for good money. Strangely, although we haven’t followed any of her advice, we have made some good progress in the last week and a half. We are feeling hopeful again. Perhaps sometime soon, she will be sleeping through, and one day, putting herself to sleep like her big sister.