Morgan, Vivien and I were shopping for a birthday present for Bradley recently. I asked Morgan what she thought we should get for him. As if she had just been waiting to be asked, she said, “A man skirt.” Hmmn.

We were about to head into a shop where I had planned to buy him a scarf. “I’m not sure that they have man skirts in here. Let’s have a look.” Sure enough they didn’t and if they had, they probably wouldn’t have meet her specifications, “Pink with sparkles”. Of  course.

So off to the fabric shop we went where we found pink with sparkles.

Normally, I’m drawn to the expensive, beautiful cottons in the shop but they have a whole floor of flashy good cheap fun fabrics – the dance fabrics. Until now I’ve always passed through this section with its gaudy polyesters, rolls of sequined tulle and fake fur, which makes me itchy just looking at it. Of course this is the kind of flashy stuff Morgan loves and now we had an excuse to be there! She picked out the fabrics and we headed home to put Vivien down and get stuck into our project.

It was great fun! Now I am very much looking forward to making costumes for the girls! Of course, Morgan and I are looking forward to giving Bradley his skirt. “Papa will be so surprised!” I think he will.