What is it about having kids that makes you want to make things for them? I’m not exactly sure, although I suspect an undiscovered hormone given the strength of the urge! (Perhaps closely related to Oxytocin?) Whatever the reason, I’ve witnessed this phenomena in many other women around me as well as in myself.

First I started knitting more and more. Making clothes for babies and kids I know. First I just knit while watching TV, which was good because just watching TV without doing something made me antsy. Then I started knitting in the car. Luckily Bradley loves to drive and drives us everywhere, which boosted my knitting time quite a bit. Now, even that is not enough and I find myself knitting a few rows where I can – most recently while the girls were having their baths! I’ll admit it is a bit tricky to handle wool with damp hands, but even that is not a deterrent.
The making didn’t stop at knitting, though, its now spread to sewing, which I hadn’t done much of at all before having kids with the exception of the occasional pant hemming. Now I find myself downloading patterns from the internet and packing the very last few bits of storage in our tiny apartment with sewing supplies.

Just the other day Morgan and I finished a project we’d been working on for awhile – nesting buckets for her and Vivien’s toys.

We made two sets. In different fabrics, of course!

Which turned out to be quite a lot!

As soon as we finished making them, Morgan used her smallest bucket to transport a porcupine finger puppet who had been bitten in the belly by a crocodile finger puppet to the hospital. Looks like we finished them just in time!