Pa-pa, Papa! chants Viven as she dances towards her father when he comes home. It was no different yesterday when he arrived home much earlier than planned.

Tuesdays I’m home with the girls and somehow yesterday I managed to get quite sick with a headache and other symptoms that were too strong for me to manage while still looking after the girls. In the middle of a very important work week that has been on our family calendar for months, he dropped everything and raced home to look after the girls while I slept for three hours and recovered.

Last night when I thanked him, he said, well of course, we don’t have any family here. For a moment I felt sorry for us not having family, which I find so hard. The next moment I was also so grateful for our little family. Morgan and Vivien were so patient while we waited for him – making me clothes pin pies and cups of tea from their play kitchen. But mostly I was grateful for this wonderful man at my side who is so much to me, to all of us.

Husband. Friend. Partner. Father.

Teacher. Playmate.




Fellow-daydreamer. Researcher. Technician.

Wrestling partner. Comedian. Chef. Chauffeur.



He is these things and so much more. We are so lucky!