Of course I had a plan yesterday of what we were going to do – off to the library to get a parenting book I had reserved, then to a favorite playground for play and morning tea, home for Vivien’s nap so that I can cook dinner and Morgan could play the games she likes to without Vivien messing things up, then a play date in the afternoon… it was going to be perfect!

We’d gone about 50 metres from our back door when Vivien discovered a fascinating collection of pebbles. Until then I had only thought of them as part of a path we took on a nearly daily basis. As it turns out I’d been overlooking the great potential of these pebbles.

But not Vivien. She got straight to work putting them into a tissue she had been carrying and making the noise she makes when she is concentrating and deeply immersed in her play.

This brought the potential of these lovely pebbles to Morgan’s attention who then realized that they were perfect for making a potty for teddy.

While these two were busy at work (which it clearly was), I got on with my job – throwing my plans out the window and making time for what is important.

I’ve been reading and thinking a bit about the importance of play and how it truly is a child’s work – their way of exploring, processing, learning. Thinking about play in this way helps me abandon my plans in the blink of an eye, which I used to find quite difficult. It also helps me get into playing when I don’t feel like it or find it boring. It helps because, it makes it interesting. I like window into their minds – understanding more about what they are working on  learning at the moment and the connection we have through that.

Stopping to make time for the lovely pebbles was much more important than racing to the library to get a parenting book, which would tell me to sit down on the ground and play with them!

Thanks for the daily reminder of what’s important, girls!