Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far. What could be better than gathering at your family home for a weekend of eating, catching up, raking leaves and preparing for winter together without the stress that can come with the Christmas gift giving?

When Bradley and I first got together we put on a Thanksgiving dinner for a few years. We both had fond memories of family Thanksgivings and it was fun to plan and cook. But somehow it just wasn’t the same. The end of November here is the end of spring here (think end of May weather) so it is hot, there were no autumn leaves, no wood to chop or last pre-winter chores to finish up. Of course the thing that was really missing was family. It is quite different to put on a Thanksgiving dinner for friends (who are intrigued in the novelty of sweet potatoes mixed with maple syrup and covered in marshmallows)  but don’t share the cultural experience. What was missing, of course, was the most important element of the holiday – family. So here’s to all of you today. We miss you and hope to share a turkey with you next year!