I often feel that Bradley and I don’t get enough time together and I think we could have a bit more, which I suppose is always the case for people with small children. However, since I’ve begun writing this blog, I’ve realized just how often we do get to some time to care for our relationship and replenish our souls.

Every so often, we take a day of annual leave when the girls are at creche and have a whole day together. We find this is much better than a date night, giving us more time to wander, let our conversation ebb and flow, or explore something together. I’ve written about our visit to the hot springs, which we’ve enjoyed twice times this winter, but our standard date day is as follows:

Drop children at creche and head to the gallery for a browse through the collection, take a tour, view a special exhibit or even a do drawing class.

In the early afternoon we head to one of our favorite restaurants in Melbourne – Di Stasio.

There are many things that make Di Stasio a favourite of ours.

Seasonal lunch

Professional wait staff

But I think the thing that really keeps us coming back is the dreaminess of the place. Of course the professional wait staff and the carefully prepared food contribute to this feeling but there is something else. There is a timelessness that envelopes us when we walk in to Di Stasio. The rushing we do in our daily lives is left outside and we seem to have all the time in the world to pour over lunch and catch up over a glass of wine like two old friends.