Saatfruechte sollen nicht vermahlen werden

There are many things I do not understand in life. The circumstances leading to the tragedy in Newtown is one of them. Are we not capable of acknowledging the historical context in which it was important to bear arms? Is that historical artifact more important than protecting our children? How can a response to that tragedy (from republican representative from Oregon, Dennis Richardson) be to suggest teachers carry guns? Why has Michigan passed a law allowing people to carried concealed guns in schools? How many of these massacres do we need to have before the American people are incensed enough to demand gun control?

The problem is guns, not people. People with mental health problems will always be a natural part of any society. We will never be able to institutionalize all of them, nor should we. The mistake that is being made is allowing easy gun access to the general society which in turn makes them accessible to those less likely to use them wisely. If no one has guns, no one will need them to protect themselves. Pretty simple.

Now is the time for change.

To petition the white house for this change please go here.