From the moment Vivien Rae made her dramatic entrance, our life with her has been anything but boring.

Last week little Vivien Rae turned two and it gave me pause to think about our time together so far. We have gotten to know Vivien as a passionate creative person who enjoys physically immersing herself in whatever she is doing (dancing, singing, painting or eating).

She loves good food. Parties are great source of pleasure for her not only because she enjoys good company, but mostly because she adores a good buffet she can graze on for hours.

Vivien loves a good laugh and making jokes brings a twinkle to her eyes. She despises injustices, particularly those committed against her. She will glare at the wrong doer and has been known to below at her sister in a voice stronger and deeper than my adult vocal cords can imitate.

Vivien is a firecracker of a kid who knows what she wants, revels in life and gives some of the best cuddles ever. We can’t wait to share her with those of you who haven’t met her yet!