Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day with a little reflection on motherhood.

I think when people talk about motherhood, they often think about the first few years which are so hands-on and at times all consuming. If they don’t confine their thinking to these first few years, they may consider the period of time while the kids are at home, which of course is much lounger and filled with so many phases, challenges and joys.

Recently, however, I was struck by the longevity of this role. My mother was visiting and helping us get settled in our new home. At least that’s what it looked like she was doing. What she was really doing was mothering. She would look after the kids all day while I ran around, unpacking the house and organising the admin required to get our new lives started. Of course, in doing this, she was looking after Bradley and me as well.

She stayed for a month helping us. Just dropped everything she was doing and came to our rescue when we needed her, as mothers do.  We were all so happy to have her there and I was so grateful for the help during a time that could have been very difficult and dark otherwise.

I realised that our role as mothers extends far beyond the first demanding physical needs of infanthood, beyond the need to be nurtured and protected in childhood, and the need to be understood, and guided in adolescence before being set free into young adulthood. We need our mothers from the moment we are born until we can no longer have her. And then we still need her.

So here is a special tribute to the Grammas today who are out there mothering their children and grandchildren with no mothers to fall back on themselves. We are so grateful.