All too often I find myself racing to keep up with my ever growing to-do-list. It seems to be as long as ever despite the fact that I don’t have a desk job at the moment, or perhaps because of that. I often realize that I am racing around at a pace that is neither good for myself or my family, but find it hard to slow down in spite of this.

Then, every once in awhile I get it right, slow down and enjoy a moment that will be gone in the next blink of an eye. It’s like making a small holiday for myself and those around me in the middle of my poorly defined working day. This was exactly the case last Saturday. Bradley was out at his sailing course and instead of racing about doing all the domestic chores that will always be there and can always wait (because they will always be there), I chose the little holiday option: I got up slowly. I made German apple pancakes, which are really a lot like Yorkshire puddings with apples cinnamon and sugar (what’s not to love?). Then I made an age appropriate hot beverage for each of us (baby chinos for the girls and a good strong latte for myself).


We sat in on the patio near our beautiful garden, enjoying ourselves, each other and our good fortune.