Despite the many short comings Southern Maryland poses for adults, it is a veritable heaven for small children.

Morgan and Vivien have gone from living in a small, two-bedroom, inner city apartment to practically residing in the discovery channel. There is plenty to watch here including many  dim-witted rabbits who have yet to discover our veggie patch, a family of ospreys who we have followed from the early spring nest building phase right through to the current fledgling phase, a rather harmless, but impressively long black snake named Cecil, a baby box turtle and countless insects for Morgan to collect in her bug box.

The best thing about living here for them however is being able to get stuck into this outdoor world: to splash about in the river, dig in the sand and perhaps best of all, play in the mud with abandon (something that was a true rarity in Melbourne).


Cleaning up after a good mud session or any session at the beach is nearly as fun in the outdoor shower. Especially when one can self cater with a freshly picked pea from the garden.



All of this is not only great fun for the girls, it’s also a joy for their parents who can watch them delight in these experiences as they should.