After leaving the People’s Republic, the girls and I continued our holiday to Maine. When you mention that you are going to Maine for a holiday in the summer (no one goes in the winter) people usually sigh and say, oh yes, Maine is wonderful. There is something special about the landscape. The mix of water, granite boulders and pine trees has the sort of simple beauty that cannot be improved upon. We got to spend ten wonderful days there. Here are some moments from those ten days.

First Morgan, Vivien and I boarded a little Cessna to fly from Vermont to Boston. There we met Bradley and on our second Cessna flight up to Maine, Morgan was lucky enough to get the best seat in the plane!


We celebrated Bradley’s birthday.


Read each other stories.


Went canoeing around the lake.


Spent an afternoon at a foggy beach, which was a novelty for us.

foggy beach

And while others were busy there,


I even had a bit of time to myself.


We took a ferry ride to Vinalhaven and enjoyed the rustic beauty of the place at every turn.


We also couldn’t get enough of the view from my father’s kitchen, which we soaked up every morning noon and night.


Oh, and we ate lobsters! Plenty of lobsters!


We had other grand adventures along the way including a wonderful night out, courtesy of my step siblings Jess and Mike! Also, Morgan and Vivien had a wonderful time getting to know and play with their step cousins Chloe and Liam. Thanks for the great times and memories!