September 3rd, Morgan and Vivien started at their new school!

Although they had both gone to childcare in Melbourne on days I was working, this felt very different. It took me a while to figure out why this was so different. There were a few things that contributed to this. One of the main differences is that they are only going for three hours a day. This seems like the right amount of time for someone their age compared to the full days they used to go. Somehow that never felt like the right thing for us and I would leave the childcare with knots in my stomach, wondering what I was doing.

I think the real difference, however is the fact that they are going for themselves, rather than because I have to go to work. They are no longer going to childcare, but rather school. This is the start of their education and we are all pretty excited about it. We couldn’t be happier with the school and their teachers. Now at the end of the second week, they are already settled in and happily go off to their classrooms with a smile and a wave.

We’re all looking forward to what this year will bring.