Today I dropped Morgan off for her first day of kindergarten! She has been going half days at her school but now she will be partaking in the Kindergarten program in the afternoon as well. She was very excited about it. First thing this morning, she requested her “school dress” a red and black plaid dress and her lunch box, both of which I’d bought awhile ago for the occasion. Once she was dressed I made her two braids, she donned her favourite jumper from Gramma, her gumboots and she was ready.

I have to admit I got a bit choked up after dropping her off. Even though she used to go to childcare for long days (longer than she will be going for now), three days a week, I felt like her starting Kindergarten marked the end of her early childhood. For a little while she will only go to Kindergarten for three afternoons, but before long she will be going for full days five days a week and for the first time in her life, she will be spending more time with people other than her family. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

I’m trying look at the positive sides of this of which there are many. First and foremost, we are so fortunate to have found this wonderful school that will allow Morgan (and her mother!) to ease into this new situation. I am very confident that she is in the best place to be starting school and that she is ready for it. I love the teachers she has at her little Montessori school. I think she will be getting a great education and that thrills me to the bone. Go girl!