When we lived in Melbourne, we had some friends who lived outside the city and every once in awhile we would drive into the hills to spend a Sunday afternoon. Visiting these friends was always like having a little holiday. Their two kids, who were slightly older than ours would take Morgan and Vivien under their wings and scamper off to play for hours. That left us adults to have a relaxed drink or two and catch up while something delicious simmered away in the kitchen. Tom and Michelle are both excellent cooks, but Tom seemed to take on the Sunday cooking and enjoyed spending hours in the kitchen on those days. When I remarked to him once about how visiting them on a Sunday afternoon felt like a little holiday to us, he said that he thought it was important to observe Sunday. At first this struck me as funny because he is a decidedly nonreligious person. It got me thinking about the importance of observing Sunday, a day of rest, and how we need that in rhythm of our week.

Often our weekends are packed full of to-dos and social engagements. Occasionally, however, an engagement will get canceled, as was the case this Sunday, and we find ourselves with more free time than we had planned on. It is then that we get to observe Sunday and every time we do, we say, “We should do this more often!”

Yesterday was such a day. We took a canoe ride from our beach to a little beach near us, discovered lots of blue heron, deer and raccoon prints, played hide and seek. Paddled back for lunch, pottered around the house, hung up some bird feeders for the winter and generally just enjoyed each others’ company and having time together, which is always the best part of any holiday, isn’t it?


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We hope you enjoyed your Sunday too!