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There is something special about spending Christmas in a cold place. I’ve spent about as many Christmases in the tropics and sub-tropics as I have in cold places including my first ten. So I don’t prefer the cold version to the warm version because that’s how I grew up. Instead, I think Christmas is a celebration more suited to the cold. Its about getting together with friends and family, big hot roasted meals, sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and if you’re lucky enjoying a bit of snow – something I find magical even as an adult. Perhaps its because Christmas is based around the winter solstice, which is about darkness and the cold that comes with it and looking forward to the return of light. Or maybe it is because all of the popular schmalzy Christmas songs just loose their meainging when you’re running around in your bathing suit or cooking your breakfast on a barbecue! When its cold outside, the songs seem just right and it seems like a good idea to don our gay apparel and start dreaming of a white Christmas!

We have been visited again by our Christmas elves Tomte and Nisse. This year they’ve brought a beautiful advents ark filled with little animals to open and discover each day.

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We’ve been inspired to do all sorts of Christmassy things like light fires, drink hot chocolate, making Christmas cards and hundreds of Christmas cookies!

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We hope you are enjoying the season wherever you are!photo 3-2