I recently felt a nasty cold coming on. The kind that tickles you from inside your nose and threatens to make you a bleary-eyed sneezing mess for a good week. I spared no time in concocting some home remedies. Armed only with my netti pot and a hot toddy, I was able to ward it off. While the netti pot did a good job in clearing the way, I am convinced it was the hot toddy that gave the cold the final kick in the pants that set it packing.

I’m sure there are plenty of recipes for hot toddies, I thought I would share mine with you. You never know when you might need one at a moments’ notice. ‘Tis the season for wretched colds, and their nemesis – the hot toddy!

I found inspiration for my hot toddy at Cider & Rye, which has a number of recipes for different ailments and modified from there:

Here is my recipe for two: First I made a tisane using a cinnamon stick, black peppercorns, cranberries and ginger in two cups of water. Simmering this little brew for 10 to 15 minutes is very gratifying – medicinal in and of itself.

photo 2-1

After  that is brewed, strain it into your cups and add honey or maple syrup. I used raw honey for throat soothing purposes. Then I squeezed in about half a lemon into each cup. I think the lemon and the honey are key to this home remedy in soothing and killing off whatever needs to be killed off.

photo 3

Next add your jigger of alcohol. I chose Dewar’s scotch whisky. Garnish with lemons and cloves (optional as they have a strong smell) and raise a glass to your health!

photo 5