When we were preparing to leave Australia, we promised the girls that we would get a cat once we were there. If I’m honest about it, it was just as much a promise to myself as it was to the kids. I wanted a cat but, I was a bit nervous about finding the right one. This has to be a great cat. One that would rise above pet status, beyond the contentment of  sharing the same residence and tolerating the people who lived there. I was looking for a cat that wanted to be part of a family. One that would accompany Morgan and Vivien throughout their childhood. When I used these terms to describe the kind of cat we were looking for  I got a few puzzled looks from the animal rescuers, as you can imagine. That’s when I started showing them this picture of my mother’s kitten who had so graciously submitted to Morgan’s affections over Christmas.



I would draw their attention to the hair tie on the kitten’s ear and the very contented look on his face. This is what we were after – a cat who wasn’t going to get too huffy over a bit of attention, one who was game for a bit of dress up and who might even enjoy it. They seemed to get it then and start to suggest cats
that might fit the bill. Not long after that we found our cat.


And with my sister the cat whisperer walking me through every step of the selection process on the telephone, we chose Jules and took him home. There he
enjoyed a great deal of affection and plenty of bundling up.

photo 1-16

We discovered that he doesn’t mind a good cuddle,

photo 3-12


and is very happy to be a part of whatever is going on:




Based on the photos I’ve included here, it would seem that he spends all of his time under a blanket and indeed he does spend a great deal of time there, but he also enjoys, a good play on the beach with us, parties with throw, gardening. Really he enjoys being with us whatever we do. I think he may be as happy to have found his family as we are to have found our cat.