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This spring, as the winter began to recede, it was time to claim the large screened-in porch again. Last summer Bradley used it as a make-shift workshop to build our canoe. This year, it will serve as a perfect summer art studio! I am thrilled to have a dedicated place for our art, where the girls can create whenever they want without having to wait for me to set everything up and I where I don’t have to clean it all up and pack it away, because we are about to have dinner. Fabulous.

The first couple of days of the studio were filled with feverish art making starting at first light:

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and all the way into the evening – after dinner, before the bath… “Vivien, it’s bath time!” “Yes, mum, but first I’m just going to…” We have a lot of conversations like that these days, but when it is about the urge to incessantly create art, I really don’t mind.
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