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For years, we’ve wanted to get chickens. Back when we were living in Barkly street, before we had children, Bradley started building a chicken coop for us. We moved the coop to Keith street and then had to sell it when we moved into our little Nunan street apartment. We were in the throws of having babies and there was time for chickens, and no back yard to house them. When we moved to the US and suddenly had a huge back yard, we knew the time had finally come to get our chickens. Enter, Charlotte, Shazza, Lucy and Mrs. Brown.

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Such fun, really. I would have never thought I could be so entertained by chickens, but they really do make us giggle on nearly a daily basis. They are curious, greedy animals who never want to miss out if there is food to be had. When any of us head out the back door toward the coop, our free range chickens come running at the prospect of food. If we start running, they run even faster. I’m not sure how they manage to keep up with us, on their 5 inch legs, but they do! They also come to visit us occasionally, hopping up on the deck and peering in the windows. Bradley even claims that Lucy once came on the deck to ask him to help her find the other chickens she’d been separated from and I’m sure they were calling to us at the gate the night a possum got into their coop.

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Morgan is the primary keeper of the chickens. She lets then out every morning, brings them scraps in the afternoon when she collects their eggs and makes sure they have plenty of cuddles.

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Vivien helps out but is mostly interested in the eggs, which she has every morning for breakfast.

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