We were sure we would have a white Christmas after venturing north to Maine, but alas, it was not to be! We had a wonderful Christmas nonetheless. It was a warm a cozy family Christmas complete with, Christmas carols, feasting on Christmas Eve and Christmas, fresh eggnog,  and plenty of darkness to cozy up against by the glow of the fire.

We’re home now, enjoying settling back into our home and the rhythm of our family on its own. This is quite possibly one of my favorite times of year. An old friend of mine used to call the days between Christmas and New Year’s “between the years”. That is exactly what it feels like to me. It is a time suspended from work and school demands; a no man’s land on the calendar during which everyone is freed from their usual obligations and allowed to roam through the days visiting with friends, reading new books, playing with new toys; ignoring the clock as the day slips from morning into afternoon. It is a dreamy time to rest and prepare for the next year. I hope you are enjoying this time too.