Earlier this week we celebrated the second anniversary of our arrival in the US. It seems like a very long time ago in many ways. So much has happened in the two years. We have truly settled into the area we live in, which was so very different from where we came from. It took a while to figure out what we could love about this place. It is rural and lacking in most amenities we enjoyed in Melbourne. (No cafes, no public transportation, no culture, not even a bookstore!)

In the past two years, we have grown to love a lot of things about where we live. It no longer feels quite so foreign and we appreciate what this place has given us at this time in our lives: Time and space. These are things that are so precious in today’s rushed modern world and yet I didn’t want them and found it hard to accept them during our first 18 months here. Living in such a rural place, I was unable to continue my career and instead, became a stay-at-home mum, something I had never planned to do. Last autumn, I finally dawned on me what a gift I had been given. By the time we leave here, Vivien will be in full-day school and this phase of our lives be over. I feel so lucky to have so much time with them right now.

This place has also given us so much space – perhaps more than we will have in any place we will live – certainly more than we used to have. We live in a very large house in the middle of a large yard directly on the banks of the wide Potomac river. We have a beach and it is such a privilege just to be able to mosey down to the beach in the afternoon when we feel like it! We are able to have chickens, a trampoline, a garden, and even boats! We also have a great deal of watery space all around us. We live on a Peninsula created by the Potomac and Patuxuent rivers that empty into the Chesapeake Bay not far from our house. We try to get out on the water whenever we can. From home, Bradley paddle his surf ski in the evenings after work or we can all take a canoe ride to a nearby beach. Since moving here, Bradley and I have taken up sailing. Over the past two summers we have learned quite a bit and at the end of last summer we took the girls on an overnight sailing trip. It was a great adventure for us all. We are looking forward to much more sailing this summer and simply enjoying the time and space we’ve been given.