We’ve been in Vermont for nearly two weeks. As our visit comes to and end, I can feel the cumulative effect of the holiday. Although I didn’t feel like I was in desperate need of a relaxation, (perhaps we don’t have to wait until we are in desperate need?), I certainly feel more rested. We have spent many full days with my mum and visiting my aunt who lives nearby. My sense of relaxation comes less from a slow pace, which we didn’t have, but more from the ease I feel around family.

It started from the moment we arrived here, my mum, aunt and cousin picked us up from the little Burlington airport and took us out to lunch. I watched the girls excitedly chatting with their great aunt and cousin while my mother and I ordered lunch at the counter. They are not shy children, but they weren’t just being polite or outgoing. They were catching up with family whom they had very much looked forward to seeing. They were enjoying the company of people who are very important in their lives even though a year had passed since they last saw them.

I noticed the ease of being around family again when I was at my aunt’s house and we decided to run an errand. With a quick, “Be back soon girls!”, I left without even a backward glance. I think they hardly noticed I was gone, so busy were they playing in the pool, so confident and at ease were we all with them staying with their gramma and uncle. Of course, this is the most natural thing in the world, but for someone who has lived far away from family while having children, this was novel experience and so delightful for us all.

This feeling of ease culminated in Morgan’s first sleep over last night. She stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house for the night after we’d spent the afternoon there. It was the perfect situation for her and her mama! My aunt was a fifth grade teacher for over 30 years. She loves kids and I think deep down, she really is a big kid at heart, disguised as an adult in a nearly six foot tall body. She loves to play with kids and is fully engaged in any game they are playing as few adults ever are.
There was no fuss when we left, I did not worry or get a call at 10:30 at night to come and pick Morgan up. The next morning she was pleased as punch with herself for having pulled off her first sleep over. I think good times were had be all, even by my cousin who was roped into a game of memory shortly before 6 a.m. the next morning!

Thank you to all our family and beautiful Vermont for such a wonderful holiday!