IMG_7980I’ve been wanting to tell you about our time in Maine ever since we got back a week ago. I haven’t because I haven’t known where to start. We had such a wonderful time there. We all took a break from our usual roles and schedules. We very much enjoyed being on holiday in a beautiful place with family. In many ways, the trip was an important one.

Since moving to Maryland, Bradley and I have taken up sailing. We have taken several courses and were eager to put our knowledge to use. We got the opportunity to do this for a week with my father. I sailed with my father as a child on family trips. I remember them very well but my memories are filled with the games my sister and I played, sitting on the jib furler in the bow pulpit watching the waves go by and the islands we visited rather than how to sail a boat. I was ten when we left the Caribbean and it wasn’t until recently that I learned to sail myself. My father has sailed all his life and it is one of his greatest joys. It was wonderful to share sailing with him and Bradley over a week in one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world.

FullSizeRenderThat brings me to Maine. Ah. Maine is just a very beautiful and unique place and one that Bradley and I happily return to whenever we can. There are over 4000 islands off the coast of Maine. So many that not all of them have names. Maine is home to a vibrant wooden boat culture due to its maritime history and its cool waters, which are gentler on the wooden hulls than the warmer waters of the Caribbean. It’s not unusual to see an historic sloop sailing out of the fog through a nearby island channel.

IMG_7944Sights like this were common but never commonplace to us. We continued to be dazzled by the vessels surrounding us, ranging from the wide array of wooden sailing ships to the hearty working lobster boats that surrounded us constantly, deftly zipping between their many pots.

Our days were filled with sailing,


sometimes alone at the helm or with company.

IMG_7993We explored uninhabited islands,

FullSizeRenderspent time reading,

IMG_8020and gazing…

IMG_7943Back on land, we got to visit family, including some favorite cousins,


FullSizeRenderand enjoy even more of Maine’s beauty.

IMG_8059We’ll be back…