So, if it isn’t already obvious, we basically ate our way through Italy. It is an activity we all enjoy and Italy was a great playground for us.

Our favorite part of Bologna was happening upon the shop pictured above. It really was as crazy as the picture looks. The woman running the shop, named Barbara, truly loved everything she sold. She instantly sensed a kindred spirit in Bradley as we stepped into her shop “just to check it out”. A good hour passed during which we sampled our way through the hams and cheeses and carried on an endless conversation about food despite the fact that we didn’t speak each others’ languages. At the end of the hour we emptied our pocketbooks into Barbara’s til and left happily with our treasures.

The other highlight of our time in Bologna was tasting real spaghetti bolognese. A couple of times in my life I’ve had the experience of tasting a common dish prepared as it was originally intended. Its often lead to an a-ha effect. This was certainly the case with spaghetti bolognese in Bologna. I love a good spag-bol, as its called here in Australia, but the original is an entirely different beast. And such a magnificent one! The sauce was thick, rich and meaty. That was all. No carrots, mushrooms and very little tomato if there was any at all. It was unforgettable for us all.