We all enjoyed Italy very much – particularly the food! But we also noticed how we all breathed a bit of a sigh of relief as we crossed the border into Switzerland. At once the roads became wider, perfectly maintained and the drivers were all extremely well mannered.


The first night we were there, we mistakenly navigated to a campsite that was closed. Despite the fact that the facilities were shut down for the winter, we decided to stay the night there as it was already late.  It was lucky we did because it was there that we made one of our fondest memories from the trip. That night as we lay in our campervan bunks we fell asleep to the sound of cowbells clinking through the valley. At the time I thought, if you had grown up going to sleep to that sound, would it be possible to ever move away and live anywhere else?


The next day we took a trip into the mountains to visit the Titlis glacier. Our journey involved a ride on the perfectly timed Swiss railway and a number of gondola rides, all of which were great fun.



And at the top of the mountain – snow from last summer!