Our European holiday ended when we left Lucerne. We returned to Heidelberg to visit friends for one more weekend. The Advent season was in full swing there. Dusk was beginning to fall at 4:30, the Christmas decorations were out and shopping was underway. We wandered into the city to do some last minute shopping for a strange collection of items (my favorite toothpaste, a decent fountain pen, some lace for a crafting project…) As we walked home we could look up into the illuminated homes as we passed. The warm glow of the rooms gave off a sense of cosines that made me wish I could call one of them my own.

window at night 2

After a tearful goodbye, we left our good friends and headed to Frankfurt where we boarded our Emirates business class flight to Dubai. It was such a different flying experience than I’ve ever had. I actually emerged from the long haul flight more relaxed than when I had boarded!


Another flight took us to Singapore where we spent two days eating spicy, delicious Singaporean food and splashing in the hotel pool.

singapore pool

On the 11th of November we landed back in Melbourne and began two weeks of searching for a neighborhood, school, house, car while we were in temporary accommodation. We were still all a bit jet-lagged and shaken from all the goodbyes and traveling. We were ready to unpack and settle down for a while.